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Token info

ArabHorseToken (ARH)


Do not send BNB to the token contract!

Token sale status

Raised: of 600.0 BNB

Tokens sold: of 180000000000.0 ARH

Remaining: BNB (~ ARH)

Buy tokens

1 BNB = 300000000.0 ARH


You get: 0 ARH

In my wallet: ARH

Token sale information

Hardcap: 600.0 BNB (~ 180000000000.0 ARH)

Rate: 1 BNB = 300000000.0 ARH (~ 3.3333333333333334e-9 BNB/ARH)

Sale contract

You can also buy tokens by sending BNB directly from your wallet to this contract
(please increase gas limit to 200,000 or even more for tokens with special functions like autoLP, swaps, etc.)